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Unsweet Dreams
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

published by Salmon Poetry (€12)

"This an important collection by a poet in her prime"

"The poems in Unsweet Dreams have at time the stinging brevity of a proverb, the shocking lance of a curse, the last testimony of a farewell, a farewell forever, and the pleasure of telling home truths, particularly when the home is a refuge where only the truth can be told."
Frank McGuinness

    Sample Poems
  1. Fancier & Forgive us our trespasses
    (more poems from other collections below)

Anne's latest book was launched by leading Irish playwright and academic Frank McGuinness in December 2011.

The author discussed and read poems from Unsweet dreams with presenter Sean Rocks on RTE radio's Arena on January 10th 2012.

"In Anne Le Marquand Hartigan’s Unsweet Dreams complex ideas explode like thought-bombs in the simple language of everyday talk. The musicality of the poems owes much to the subtle and complex use of rhythm. Here are poems on a wide variety of topics, and in a wide range of styles. Tender, loving, blunt, aggressive, witty , seductive, bitchy , sad, philosophical and joyful, the reflections on love, sex and death are articulated in a woman’ s voice yet they make a mockery of clichéd notions of gender. This an important collection by a poet in her prime."
Dr. Robert Gordon, University of London

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  Cover artwork by Anne le Marquand Hartigan: Unsweet Dreams - new poetry collection 2011

Unsweet Dreams
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
Salmon Poetry
rrp €12.00

(Cover artwork from a painting by the author)

To Keep the Light Burning Reflections at the time of loss

by Anne Hartigan, with a foreword by Victoria Glendinning. Published by Salmon Poetry .

This book of poetry and prose was written to help to those experiencing loss and grief.

These are writings for now, when many need a different way to express their loss (and may not necessarily choose a religious ceremony) linked with the traditional ways we in Ireland cope with grieving and honour our dead. To read more about this book click here.

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Essential nourishment indeed: for this is what it is to be fully human, to rejoice in the radiant dance of one's body with another's, and to sing soul to soul. Her rhythms spring from the page, re-inventing themselves with echoes of chants and prayers and charms. These poems reinvent and rewrite the erotic before our eyes, and 'rinse and wring the ear' with their sure emotional intelligence and compassion. Catherine Byron, poet

These poems are a treat for the senses and present Anne Hartigan as undoubtedly one of the most talented voices in contemporary Irish poetry. - Luz Mar Gonzalez Arias, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

Nourishment was launched at The Irish Writers Centre in Dublin, introduced by Poet Michael Coady.

Anne also read from Nourishment at the Dublin Writer's Festival 2005.

To buy this book online visit Salmon Poetry.


Book cover of Nourishment by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
published by Salmon Poetry

  Immortal Sins Bookcover: Immortal Sins. Click to find out more about this book
Immortal Sins
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
published by Salmon Poetry
ISBN: 1 897648 17 0

La Corbiere


"Immortal Sins covers a wide variety of themes: birth, death, including the pleasures and trials of love. It includes the long poem La Corbiere; which I performed as a solo theatre piece in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin. It was also performed in the Dublin Theatre Festival with a cast of six. The book cover uses a detail from one of my paintings." Anne Le M Hartigan
More about
Immortal Sins
    Sample Poems
  1. In That Garden  (& audio)
  2. The Big Grieving (& audio)
  3. So I Leave Nothing with you...
  4. To write what is not word (& audio)
    (more poems from other collections below)

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  Now is a Moveable Feast

Bookcover of Now is a Moveable Feast by Anne Hartigan (artwork by author)
Now is a Moveable Feast
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan,
ISBN: 0 94339 54 3 (Hard),
0 948339 55 1(Soft).

Read more about this book here

A long poem set in the Irish landscape at the mouth of the Boyne River. The poem moves backwards and forward in time, exploring the fortunes of those who lived there, people, animals, birds, and the eternal presence of the land, river and sea.

It was recorded and broadcast by RTE radio (produced by David Warner) some years ago with a cast of actors and music by Eibhlis Farrell. I've had the pleasure of reading this poem accompanied by friends and family many times. The cover image is a ink sketch I made to illustrate the book. Read more about this book here

    Sample Poems
  1. The Black Shed (& audio)
  2. Little lord of death (& audio)

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Return Single Bookcover of "Return Single", based on artwork by the author
Return Single
by Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
Beaver Row Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1986
ISBN: 0 946308 33 0 (Soft)
A sequence of poems published by Beaver Row Press. Beaver Row Press was run by Glenda Cimino & Kevin Byrne by the banks of the river Dodder in Beaver Row, Donnybrook. A genuine press, they printed their own books in an old church at the rear of the cottage, and gave many interesting writers, including Paula Meehan, their first publication.
    Sample Poems
  1. Salt
  2. Flight (& audio)
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Long Tongue

Drawing from the hardback cover of "Long Tongue" by the late artist and novelist Jeremy Leland
Long Tongue
By Anne Hartigan
Beaver Row Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1982

My first collection. In times past it was said there were marks by which you might know a poet, one of which was a extra long tongue. However, if a woman was a poet these traits were double!

"Anne Hartigan is capable of epigrammatic compression as well as a neo-epic expansiveness. She is also experimental; her experiments, however, suggest a long acquaintance with, and considerable understanding of more traditional forms of writing. This book, therefore, is valuable and interesting not only for itself, for the many singing and witty poems it contains. for its intelligence and humour, but also because the reader instantly recognizes the voice of one who is going to continue to explore new ways of grappling with language, new styles, new techniques. There is nothing staid or complacent or lethargic here; we are in the presence of a writer bent on exploration and discovery."
Brendan Kennelly

    Sample Poems:
  1. Sour Apple
  2. Tides (& audio)
  3. The Milkman's Wife (& audio)
To read the full introduction by Brendan Kennelly Click Here


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