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The Secret Game is now available from Chiswick books and is on sale at Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk

Is killing ever justified? This gripping drama examines the terrible choices of a teenage terrorist and a young mother in an exploration of contemporary morality.

On her way home from a traumatic weekend, Chris is seeking solace with her aunt near the Northern Irish border. Parking her car, Chris disturbs a terrorist hide-out in her aunt’s barn. As Chris is held captive through the night, it becomes apparent that her terrorist captor is not the only one with a dark secret…

Anne's most recent full length drama. Winner of the Mobil Prize for Irish playwrights in 1995.

The Secret Game has been recently published by Chiswick books (June 2014) and is for sale at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

More of Anne's plays are due for publication by Chiswick books in 2014. Please watch this space and Anne's new facebook page for further news!


The Secret Game by Anne Hartigan






Coming soon from Chiswick books in 2014

Hartigan's full length play is set in an old peoples home (with a large cast including roles for five older actors).

Eve and Francis’s lively friendship sustains their life in a dreary seaside care home for the elderly in 1970s Ireland. When their grasping offspring threaten to separate them, Eve and Francis take matters into their own hands with dramatic consequences…

This moving tragi-comedy reveals what it is to be old and feisty, frail and vulnerable.

Book cover: I do like to be beside the seaside



La Corbiere premiered in the '89 Dublin Theatre Festival. One of its more recent stagings was a production in Beirut. This play started life as a poem written in response to the tale of the fate of French prostitutes who were shipwrecked at Corbiere Lighthouse during WW2. Hartigan reworked the poem as a one act play for a cast of six. She also performed it as a one woman theatre piece (in Jersey Lilies) at The Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin.

"Anne Hartigan has articulated the submerged voices of women everywhere in a poignant interplay of words that express the gamut of women's emotions in daily life... Beautifully directed by Cathy Leeney." - Irish Press. See more reviews of this play

La Corbiere was inspired by a shipwreck near the lighthouse
Corbiere lighthouse, Jersey, UK

La Corbiere is published in the poetry collection Immortal Sins (Salmon). You can buy this book here.

Seen and Heard, the first anthology of Irish women's plays (Carysfort press) includes the one act adaptation of La Corbiere (for a cast of six).

Seen and head; new Irish plays by Irish women - click for details
Seen and Heard
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a trilogy: La Corbiere, Les Yeux, and Le Crapaud.

A trilogy of one act plays for two actors. Inspired by events in wartime Jersey.
It premiered in 1996 at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin, performed by the playwright Anne Hartigan and actor / director Robert Gordon (pictured right).

La Corbiere is performed here as a one woman show (the text is published in Anne's poetry collection Immortal Sins, Salmon press.)

It has two companion pieces:

Robert Gordon in rehearsal for Jersey Lilies
Robert Gordon in rehearsal for Jersey Lilies
  Le Crapaud (The Toad)
A play for one man who plays dual roles: a Nazi officer and a slave worker.
The Nazis brought men to Jersey from all over Europe, many died as they laboured building an underground labyrinth.
Detail of a photo by Claude Cahun
Detail from a work by Claude Cahun
  Les Yeux (The Eyes)
A play for a cast of two.
Inspired by the work of two women: Claude Cahun, a French surrealist photographer, and her stepsister Suzanne. Together they worked their own unique form of resistance to the Nazi occupation of Jersey.
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BEDS (1982)

An innovative promenade theatre piece, directed by Robert Gordon at the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Beds played to packed houses in a two week run, and was selected by columnist Fintan O'Toole of The Irish Times as one of the most interesting plays of the Irish theatre festival.

"It deals with issues such as Irish attitudes to abortion, sex, and role playing tied together by the common theme of the bed. The method of production really catches the imagination."
Colm Cronin



Actors Sean Campion and Una Clancy in rehearsal for "Beds"

Actors Sean Campion and Una Clancy in rehearsal for "Beds"


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In Other Worlds, a short one act play, was performed in three continents in 2003. Hartigan's most recent play was commissioned for a festival of plays by European writers.

First performed in Ohio, USA in April 2003. This production then toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2003.

In Other Worlds was also produced at Otago, New Zealand directed by Florence Hartigan in July 2003.



For information on performance rights for any of these plays please use the contact page.

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