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Now is a Moveable Feast

Now is a Moveable Feast

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Bookcover: Now is a Moveable Feast
Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

Salmon Irish poetry publishers
ISBN: 0 948339 55 1 Softcover
0 94339 54 3 (Hard



"A beautifully written poem, perfectly illustrated, strong, sensuous and honest, full of sustenance."
Frank McGuinness

"To read Now is a Moveable Feast, or better still to hear it read aloud, is to undertake a journey in time and space: in space we go to the mouth of the Boyne, in time we revisit the early years of the century.What Anne Hartigan has done, in her triumphantly sustained, long, narrative poem, is to evoke from a fusion of scene and story a haunting and compelling beauty which will not easily be forgotten. The absolute rightness of the verse for the theme, and the dignity and objectivity with which that theme is handled, are matters of wonder and delight to which the reader will return again and again. Not the least of the resources of the English tongue as handled by Anne Hartigan is its sheer music; add to that the precision of the artist's eye and the result is a truly notable achievement."
Maire Mhac an tSaoi
(Maire Cruise O'Brien)

Sections of Now is a Moveable Feast have won three awards, including The Open Poetry Award at Listowel Writers' Week.

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