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The Milkman's Wife

Old hag death 
Came trundling down. Sing to me a lightsome song, We love her not Though she does no wrong, Sing to me a love song. She took the milkman's Wife away, 0 sing to us a keening, Tears in the chink
Of the bottles that day. 0 sing to me a sad song. Why old bitch Did you take her hand, 0 tell us what's your meaning, She'd done no harm And she hadn't lived long, 0 sing a song with feeling. There is no reason, There is no rhyme And I'm bloody well coming In my own good time, That's what I do be singing. That's what the old bag's singing,
That's what the old hag's bringing.
© Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

Illustration from the cover of Long Tongue by Anne Hartigan
Long Tongue
Anne Le Marquand Hartigan.
Beaver Row Press, Dublin.

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