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President Mary McAleese with Anne Hartigan and her book: To Keep the Light Burning

To Keep the Light Burning: Reflections at the time of loss
is published by Salmon ( November 2008).

Foreword by Victoria Glendinning

This new book of poetry and prose was written to help to those experiencing loss and grief.

"These are writings for now, when many need a different way to express their loss (and may or may not choose a religious ceremony,) linked with the traditional ways we in Ireland cope with grief, and honour our dead," says Hartigan. "There is a universal need for ritual and ceremony."

Her book To Keep The Light Burning, is a collection of personal prose and poems, many of which might be read aloud at funerals, burials or cremations, as well as privately by the individual reader to help cope with grief.

After an important friend of Anne Hartigan's died in August 2001, followed just days later by the atrocities of 9/11, she was so keenly aware of the depths of loss suffered that she decided to put together a collection of her poems and prose, with the aim of helping other people going through the trauma of bereavement and loss. "These two griefs became the force and energy that fuelled the making of this book".

"Several of these poems have already found their way into the hearts of the bereaved and have been found completely 'right'." Victoria Glendinning.

Mark Patrick Hederman OSB (Abbot of Glenstal Abbey) writes in the introduction that this book "talks about death without flinching. It is not sentimental or sanctimonious. It gathers us around the emptiness and offers, calm, truthful, reassuring words, human and comforting."

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Clearing the Space:

A Why of Writing


Clearing the Space is a personal meditation on writing and creativity.

"It meditates on the needs and desires of those who - like Le Marquand Hartigan - try to make sense of life through creativity. Her view is from the particular perspective of women.

Le Marquand Hartigan explores the need to be playful, how play gives space for the imagination to roam freely. She says, 'play promotes freedom, engages the heart, and prevents us taking ourselves too seriously...'"

To read a sample extract from Clearing the Space click here.

You can view an online review of the book at bookviewireland.ie .

To purchase this book email: bookshop@salmonpoetry.com

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  Clearing the Space
Bookcover of "Clearing the Space" by Anne Hartigan. The artwork is from a painting by the author.

By Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
Salmon press
R.r.p £ 4.99, ISBN 1 897648 92 8

A Green and Mortal Sound

Contemporary stories by Irish Women Writers.
(Previously published as Territories of the Voice.)


Bookcover: A Green and Mortal Sound, short fiction by Irish Women. CLICK to visit publisher: www.beacon.org

A green and mortal sound
Previously published as "Territories of the voice".
Edited by Louise De Salvo, Kathleen Walsh D'Arcy and Katherine Hogan.
Beacon Press Boston 1989
ISBN 0-8070-8355-0 (Softback)


"Pure Invention" is a story of mine included in this collection. The editors remarked that it was the only positive view of marriage that they found among the stories they considered for the collection!
Anne Le M. Hartigan.


"We wanted to provide something of the range of literary styles being employed by Irish women today: the sharp, hilarious satire of a writer like Clare Boylan; the lyrical elegiac prose of a writer like Mary Lavin; the oral folk-tale quality of the work of Anne Le Marquand Hartigan"  - From the Introduction.

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Irish Spirit

Edited by Patricia Monaghan

"Irish Spirit explores the many ways in which thinking people today find spiritual inspiration in the Irish past."

This collection features Annes essay "Disillusion and Delight".


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Irish Spirit
Wolfhound Press, Dublin, Ireland.

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