In That Garden

In that garden once she took down the Apple
Casually because she wanted to know, and then
There was all that fuss, Adam going
Bananas saying that she’d tipped the apple cart
And God;

Oh God was a pain getting all huffed up about
His tree and the serpent splitting its sides
Under the bushes laughing.
To save face after all night discussions behind
Closed gates they decided on a lockout. Adam
Raging that he was implicated because of the odd
Bite he took in case she knew more than he did;
She did of course, and now she knew it made no

Difference which side of the gates of paradise
They were; until God took a good look at himself
And saw his own womb, his own breast, and not only
His staff of righteousness.

© Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

From Immortal Sins, Salmon Poetry, 2000


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